Soca Empire is the First and only Carnival Concierge Service that claims to be LGBTQ+ Friendly!


Our Staff pledge to remain:

  • Unbiased
  • Discrimination Free
    when dealing with All clients, each other and the general Public

We also have a ZeroTolerancePolicy  towards Discrimination  towards Gender, Sexual Identity and Orientation.


Gender Policy:

We Recognize All Genders and accept that individuals have the right to determine how they wish to be addressed or identified, whether in  Public or in Private settings.


Minor Protection:


We at Soca Empire do not support nor tolerate any form of Physical/Sexual/Verbal Abuse of children or any person under the Age of 21 years.

We support all attempts to protect minors from behaviours that maybe harmful to their self identity or physical safety.

We donot encourage nor promote lewd behaviour nor the use of images of children performing or simulating sexual acts, we ban the use of any our digital platrforms to be used to promote any form of child pornography and will restrict access to our website to any I. P Address, ehich seeks to use our servers/platform to abuse/Bully/exploit personsunder 21.

Our definition of "Minors" is subject to the legal definition in force at the time by the laws of the Republic of Barbados.