Crop Over - Barbados


For six weeks in the Caribbean Summer, Barbados comes alive with the sounds of  Soca and Calypso filling the air. Crop Over is a Historic Festival with its roots going as far back as the early 1600s on the Sugar Plantations scattered across this beautiful island of Barbados. 

Initially a celebration by the enslaved population commemorating the end of the hard and  grueling sugar cane harvest, this festival has survived the centuries, to its current form as locals, visitors and international celebrities alike take part in the many activities.

Starting at the end of June, the festival runs through to the first Monday in August, where there are art, craft and cultural displays throughout the season. Over the last weekend, the festival culminates with many street parties, costume parades and soca competitions which define the Barbadian people.


Crop Over is certainly the most unique Festival in the Caribbean during the Summer.

Locals are very passionate in specifying that Crop Over is not a "Carnival" but a Full "Festival that is " Sweet for days!" - One of the earlier taglines, plays on the fact that the Festival has its early beginnings rooted in the Sugar Cane Industry, one of the main Commercial exports of Colonial Barbados.


Soca Empire gives you the opportunity to experience this premiere festival with both pre-packaged and custom built selections for this world-famous Festival.

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last updated:20/Feb/2022


2023 Crop Over Package Dates:

August 1 - August 7th 


Grand Kadooment Day (Carnival Monday)

August 5th 2024


2024 Crop Over Package Dates:

August1st to - August 7th 


Grand Kadooment Day (Carnival Monday)

August 5th 2024




See you on the road in Beautiful Barbados!